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The Mid Cities HRA would not exist without our wonderful volunteers!
If you have a passion for HR and want to help educate others, join the volunteers of the MCHRA.
There are always opportunities available for special events or projects
so contact us today!

2022 President

  • Provide leadership to the local Chapter consistent with state, regional, and SHRM policy, strategies and objectives. 
  • Effectively operate the Chapter so that the needs of the Members are met. 
  • Perform other duties as required by the local Chapter's bylaws. 
  • Serve as a voting Member of the State Council.
  • Attend Regional, State and National conferences representing Chapter.
  • Delegate activities to Board, Director, and Committee Members as necessary.

This position is currently filled by Dorothy Buffington, and she can be reached at for any questions about the chapter activities. 

Immediate Past President

  • Advise the President and other Members of the Board of Directors regarding past practices, general operations, and other matters to assist in the smooth operation of the Chapter.

This position is currently filled by Kimer Moore, and she can be reached at


  • Assist the President in overseeing all the activities of the Chapter. 
  • In the absence of the President, perform all the Presidential responsibilities.
  • Attend Regional, State and National conferences representing the chapter as needed.

This position is currently open.
Please contact Dorothy Buffington for more information:


  • Manage the membership function to successfully achieve an increase in Chapter membership
  • Keep ongoing records and data of all membership communication initiatives.
  • Welcome all new members with personal outreach and information on benefits, events, and how to connect to Chapter resources such as social media. 
  • In concert with the Treasurer, resolve any membership issues such as payments, invoices, and renewals.
  • Guide the activities of the membership committee.

This position is currently filled by Deneen Preyer and Co-Chair Shannon Yeager and they can be reached at:


  • Take minutes at Board meetings, provide notice of Board meetings and general correspondence.
  • Maintain Chapter records and history.
  • Send re-cap of all board meetings in a timely manner.

This position is currently filled by Stephanie Branham, she can be reached at


  • Act as financial officer and advisor to Chapter Board of Directors.
  • Maintain the Chapter mailbox and distributes mail to the appropriate Officer, Director, or Chair. 
  • Send payment notices and other invoices to Members. 
  • File appropriate forms and information with IRS.
  • Greet attendees at all meetings and manages registration sheets.

This position is currently filled by Heather Jones, she can be reached at

Communications Chair

  • Manage on-going Website maintenance.
  • Seek content for monthly Newsletter from all Board and Committee Members.
  • Compose and distribute monthly Newsletter or any special announcements.
  • Maintain CMS (content management system) Wild Apricot.
  • Maintain contacts in Constant Contact.
  • Coordinate with Social Media Chair providing information on speakers, events, and on-going events for posting to social media in a timely manner.

This position is currently filled by Lauren Albrecht, she can be reached at:

College Relations Chair

  • Manages the scholarship program.
  • Manages the mentor program.
  • Engages in college outreach efforts such as mentoring students, and speaking on various campuses.
  • Works with local professors and Student SHRM Officers and Members.
  • Works with area SHRM chapters' College Directors to discover new ideas and share college connections.
  • Increases student involvement in Chapter.
  • Shares internship and job opportunities with students.

This position is currently filled by Tristan Matlock, and he can be reached at

Social Media Chair

  • Maintains social media sites, records metrics, approves requests to join groups, and posts various chapter and HR information to share with community.

This position is currently filled by Bria Watt, and she can be reached at  

Diversity Chair

  • Monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis local activities concerning diversity issues.
  • Spearhead the effort to diversify the Chapter's Membership/Leadership and to publicize successful diversity programs in the local community.
  • Develop an annual diversity program to be held at a regular chapter meeting.

This position is currently by KaTrina Woodson, and she can be reached at

Certifications Chair

  • Manages the Chapter’s certification study program. 
  • Encourages Members to become certified and re-certified. 
  • Increases the number of Chapter Members who are certified SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.
  • Recognizes newly certified members in the newsletter and at meetings.
  • Keeps up-to-date on all certification requirements and changes.

This position is currently filled by Christopher Myrben, and he can be reached at

Employment Law Conference Chair

  • Manages the activities of the Conference Committee to provide conference programs for the Chapter Membership.

This position is currently open.  

Workforce Readiness Chair

  • Monitors and evaluates on a continuing basis local activities concerning workforce readiness issues and plans and encourages Chapter involvement and activities impacting the workforce readiness arena. 
  • Presents a report or update to the Chapter President and fellow Chapter Members. 
  • Works in cooperation with state-level workforce readiness advocates.

This position is currently open.

SHRM Foundation Chair

  • Educate, promote, and represent the interests of the SHRM Foundation and its activities to the Chapter Membership.
  • Organize fundraisers to benefit the SHRM Foundation.

This position is filled by Ed Ngonga and he can be reached at

Community Relations Chair

  • Oversee outreach to the community, educating MCHRA members on community needs.
  • Increase community awareness of MCHRA.
  • Organize special projects in support of the community.

This position is currently filled by Lisa Moore, and she can be reached at

Programs Chair

  • Plan all speakers for the year. Assist with their travel and logistic arrangements.
  • Communicate all speaker dates and topics to Communications Director in a timely manner for inclusion in the newsletter.
  • Post upcoming chapter events for members to register. 

This position is currently filled by Beth Jee and she can be reached at


Sponsorship Chair

  • Secure sponsorship for all MCHRA events.
  • Coordinate marketing efforts to highlight sponsors and their services.

This position is currently filled by Tyrus Gamble and he can be reached at

Committees may be formed by any Board member that sees a need


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