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HR Generalist: Non-Exempt (Arlington Area)

  • April 08, 2020 2:35 PM
    Message # 8887963
    Lauren Albrecht (Administrator)

    Helping Restore Ability

    Job Description

    Title:    HR Generalist – Non-exempt

    Job Summary:

    Under the general direction of the Chief Human Resources Officer, assists with the administration of the Human Resources day-to-day operations. 

    Job Qualifications:


    Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of post-secondary education and Human Resources experience preferred.


    Proficiency in Word, Excel, Power Point, and automated HRIS systems.  Good time management skills, detail oriented, analytical, accurate, and able to maintain confidential information.  Ability to work with internal, external, and cross-functional teams in a professional manner.  Excellent customer service skills.  Ability to type a minimum of 45 wpm.


    Ideal candidate will possess a good understanding of principles and procedures related to recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits and Human Resources information systems.


    Reliable transportation, proof of auto liability coverage, and a valid driver’s license required.  Must be able to pass drug test and criminal background check requirements of agency licensed by the DADS.

    Environmental and Working Conditions:

    Works in an office environment.  Ability to work a flexible schedule and to travel locally.  Some exposure to unpleasant conditions.

    Physical and Mental Effort:

    The work also requires the following physical activities:  climbing, bending, stooping, kneeling, twisting, reaching, standing, walking, lifting, finger dexterity, grasping, repetitive motions, talking, hearing, visual acuity, and prolonged sitting,  Requires ability to handle stressful situations in a calm and courteous manner at all times. Requires working under some stressful conditions to meet deadlines and agency needs.

    Essential Functions:

    Supervises and assigns daily work to part-time Human Resources Clerical support.

    Responds to employee concerns/inquiries related to Human Resources activities, policies, and procedures in a courteous and timely manner.

    Assists with recruitment efforts, e.g., internal, external, agency website, educational institutions, career fairs, and professional associations.  This includes, but is not limited to, developing and posting job ads, identifying new recruiting sources, posting job openings on TWC and other sites, and representing the agency at career fairs and professional association meetings

    Ensures applications are reviewed for completeness and to determine if candidates for employment meet the minimum job requirements.  Ensures screening interviews, reference checks, and background investigations are completed on candidates for hires that meet hiring requirements. Administers pre-employment skills tests, when applicable.  In addition, checks references and conducts background investigations of all Board of Director applicants. Identifies and recommends candidates for hire.  Schedules interviews with the hiring manager, when applicable.  Schedules additional interviews, as needed.   May extend job offers to personal care attendants in the absence of the Attendant Manager. 

    Administers in-house drug tests and documents results.  If necessary, prepares drug test referrals to CareNow and tracks results.

    Prepares new hire paperwork, establishes personnel files, criminal background check/demographic information files, and HIPAA files.  Conducts new hire orientation, and creates new attendant ID cards.

    Keys new hires, terminations, and change actions in to HR MIP and IPCed systems. Audits records periodically to ensure accuracy.

    Adds new hires and deletes terminations from Helping Restore Ability’s organizational chart.

    Ensures all employees and attendants are in compliance with agency payroll direct deposit program.  Enrolls employees and attendants in pay card program as needed.  Maintains agency direct deposit records. Monitors agency pay card program for continuous improvement.  Solve problems related to direct deposits. Recommend procedural changes as indicated.

    Processes, files, and maintains all Human Resources documents/records, e.g., background checks, benefit elections, corrective actions, employment documents, performance reviews, recruitment/retention records, team building efforts, training certificates, COBRA, EEOC, ERISA, FCRA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA, I-9, OSHA. 

    Tracks and administers agency’s Care Crew Attendants Retention Bonus Award Program and Attendant Referral Bonus Award Program.  Notifies Director of Programs and CHRO of names of individuals and bonus award amounts to pay to those eligible for awards.  Prepares congratulatory letter to be sent to award recipients for CEO’s signature and places copy of same in individual’s personnel file.

    Administers the agency’s IPCed training program.  Assigns annually selected training programs to Attendant Staff via the IPCed Training system.  Notifies Attendants of assigned training via written communications.  Monitors Attendant training monthly and submits list to Payroll of those that are eligible to receive payment for completion of required IPCed training module(s). Implements the disciplinary action process for Attendants that fail to meet the annual IPCed training requirements.

    Tracks administrative employee’s auto liability coverage status.  Alerts employees when policies are near expiration to submit updated policy document.

    Prepares wage verifications and unemployment claim responses.

    Participates in the agency’s Quality Assurance Committee. 

    Prepares staff turnover report on a monthly basis. 

    Follows up with Attendant Manager to determine if letter of Intent to Work should be sent to those with reduced or no hours worked.  Ensures Termination PCN’s are prepared for those requiring termination or status change actions and that records are updated accordingly.

    Assists in screening, on-boarding, and tracking of all volunteer staff hours.  Assists in coordinating volunteer appreciation events.

    Ensures all incidents of occupational injury are documented and submitted to the agency’s Occupational Injury Administrator within the required time period.  Copies CHRO on all documentation/correspondence of same.  Ensures all OSHA-required documents are completed in a timely manner and forwards payment notices received from the carrier to Payroll for any staff member that is losing time from work due to an on-the-job injury.  

    Revises Helping Restore Ability’s telephone directory, and confidential directory, as needed.  Emails updated directories to administrative staff members.

    Adds new staff and deletes terminated staff on the agency’s A-Team calendar invitation.

    Sends calendar updates to administrative staff, adding new administrative staff and deleting terminated administrative staff birthdays and work anniversaries.

    Updates email distribution list.

    Notify Executive Assistant to CEO to order business cards and name badges for new administrative staff members.

    Creates mail boxes for new hires and remove mailboxes for terminated employees.

    Adds, deletes, and make changes to staff Sign-in/Sign-out sheets at the receptionist desk.  Scans Sign-in/Sign-out sheets at the end of each month and files the scanned copy in:  H:\HR-Personnel\Daily Sign-in\2016

    Adds new staff members to building alarm systems and deletes access of terminated staff to building alarm systems. Forwards alarm code updates to IHR for panel update.

    Other duties as assigned.

    Apply at:

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